Npower NEXIT Loan Disbursement For 400,000 Batch A & B Shortlisted Volunteers

Npower Exits Package

Npower NEXIT Loan Disbursement – This is very important as it concerns those applicants of Npower who participated in the Batch A and B of the federal government social intervention scheme in the previous years.

These applicants were disengaged unjustly then by the federal government of Nigeria through the minister overseeing the social intervention scheme. The applicants had written severally for reinstatement but this couldn’t yield any good result tangible.

As a matter of important, we bring you good tidings from the minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development. To finalise every issue concerning the Npower NEXIT Loan Disbursement, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and social Development asked for calm from those applicants that this concern

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The Minister begged for calm among those concerns while the ministry finds a way to resolve and source for funds from collaborating agency, Central Bank of Nigeria so that the loan can be disbursed to those affected in the Npower NEXIT Loan Disbursement.

In like manner, the minister has also begged for calm among those applicants for batch C but were not shortlisted in the stream one phase of the Npower scheme. She reiterated that those who couldn’t make the stream one could be in the stream two of the programme.

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According to her, over 5 million Nigerians applied for the Batch C programme of Npower. While the social scheme requires just one million applicants for the batch C. A total of 500,000 applicants have been selected in the stream one of the programme. The remaining 500,000 applicants will be selected in the stream two phase to total 1,000,000 which is the total number of applicants for the batch C programme.

It is important to note that, the stream two phase of the batch c application would kick off on the 15th of June, 2021. All applicants should be on the look out for messages to their phone lines or email address.