Npower (NASIMS) Bio-metric Installation Guide: How To Install Bio-metric Software For Verification

Are you currently shortlisted for the 2020 Npower federal social intervention scheme and you are finding it difficult to install the bio-metric for you verification.

In this article, you will have access to the necessary steps to properly install bio-metric and carry out your verification process without hitches. the bio-metric steps installations are easy and anyone can do that through the well tailored steps we’ve have provided in this article.

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Note that this piece of article is for those applicants that have already be shortlisted for the 2020 application. Others could be shortlisted soon as every the shortlist is carried out in batches.

To install the bio-metric software, just click this link to do without stress.

Just anybody can install the software on their phones or computer through this guide we have made available to you.