Npower Issue Official Notice To All Batch C Applicants

Npower Issue Official Notice To All Batch C Applicants – This piece of information goes to the all Npower batch C Applicants in both stream 1 or stream 2.

The official information put out is strictly to make applicants hope not dashed as they awaits the next step of action by NASIMS even though some applicants have done bio-metric verifications while some in the stream two awaits their fate.

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The official information reads;

Npower wishes to apologise to all prospective Beneficiaries for the delay in deployment to respective place of assignment. This is to the fact that the scheme is currently training States and Local Government monitoring team which is almost coming to conclusion in all the states in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

We assure the public that all successful Beneficiaries will be deployed as soon as the scheme out everything in place at shortest possible time.

Npower also advice Beneficiaries to adhere strictly to notices and informations on the Npower official website or portal for update.

Beneficiaries are advised not to pay any fee or token to anyone for deployment or shortlistment as it’s free. Also note that Npower will not ask for your bank details or BA k Verification Number (BVN), thereby all applicants are advised to disregard anyone demanding such under the covering 9f the scheme.

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Npower Issue Official Notice To All Batch C Applicants – Npower scheme have be on since the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration took effect in 2015. Many Nigerians have benefited from the batch A and B of the social intervention scheme with rewards of monthly stipends to Beneficiaries in all the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The batch C phase of social intervention scheme is on and some have done their bio-metric verification status as required by Npower in the segmented stream of the Npower.

Some who were not in the stream 1 are currently awaiting the stream to commence.

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