Npower Give “Notice” To All Batch C Beneficiaries

Npower PPA

Npower – The social intervention scheme of the federal government of Nigeria has issued a note of ‘notice’ to batch beneficiaries.

The notice was made available to all Npower Batch c beneficiaries as they prepared for physical verification. NASIMS Batch C Beneficiaries are currently undertaking physical verification at the local government of their deployment in all the 774 local government in Nigeria.


The notice is essential as the physical verification is currently ongoing nationwide for successful applicants. The notice offers a directive to beneficiaries of the batch C phase of the social scheme.

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Npower – Notice of Information

The notice was issued to put aright all beneficiaries of the batch c of the social programme. NASIMS noticed the rigour most beneficiaries are undergoing as they prepared for Physical Verification.

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However, to help them, NASIMS gave the notice below for beneficiaries of the federal government initiatives. Read the notice below;

“Kindly note that physical verification exercises is conducted by NYSC local government area where selected batch c beneficiaries are residing and where they also applied.

Npower – Importance of Npower to the Nigerian Youth

The Npower Programme is a social scheme the federal government of Nigeria devised to lift most Nigerian youth out of poverty. The programme have been in existence and it’s first application was in first term of President Buhari.

Since the first term, second and third phases of the Programme has taken place. The batch C application was made open in 2020 during the COVID-19 prime time. Silence has been the situation after application until March 2021 when application update was made available on NASIMS portal.

Applicants updated their profile on NASIMS and then applicant took test. The number of applicants that took test was later sub-grouped as stream one and stream two. The stream one applicants are successfully deployed by NASIMS across the country.