(Batch A & B): Npower Exits Package – Conditions/How To Claim Your Package

Npower Exits Package

Npower Exits Package – This article is about Npower Exits Packages for previous batches.

Npower Exits Package – Questions have been asked about Npower Exits Package many times by applicants in batches A and B. There good news is that there’s Hope for all Beneficiaries in batches A and B respectively.

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Applicants in batches A and B should feel good, especially now that there will be exists package for them. The packages is meant those that feature in the batch A and batch B phases of the social programme.

Beneficiaries of Npower stipends in the batch A and batch B are on course to receive the send off package. Now that batch C are about to be deployed for the last phase of the social programme. The Npower exists package will be distributed to all Beneficiaries at once.

Npower Exits Package – Which Will Receive Package

The Npower Exits Package is meant for all Beneficiaries of the social programme. Those in batch A and batch B as well as batch C will receive exits Package. The package will be awarded to all Beneficiaries during the passing out of batch C. The batch C phase also marked the end of tenure of President Buhari.

Npower Exits Packages – Conditions To Receive Package

Npower Exits Package – There are Conditions for receiving Npower Exits Package. Any Beneficiaries that have received stipends from Npower is qualified to receive exits Package. Receiving stipends does not really guarantee you will receive package. If you must receive package, you must possess Npower Tablet, this is a qualification to receive package from Npower.

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Npower Exits Package

Npower Exits Packages – How To Claim Package.

If you’re a Beneficiaries and you wish to receive Exits Package, then you must a holder of Npower Tablet. Some of the steps to claim your exits Package includes;

. With you valid email address, login on your portal

. Enter your Npower Registration details.

. The date for exits Package will be communicated to all Npower Beneficiaries.