Npower Deployment: Solution To Fail Npower Deployment

Npower Deployment

Npower Deployment – Npower Deployment is ongoing and this has commenced few days back

The Npower Batch C deployment is long awaited by the applicants. The application began in mid 2020 but was unfinished until 2021 when applicants had the privilege to take test. After taken the test, and scores awarded to applicants. Hope have been on the high for deployment of every applicants that was successful in during the test.

Npower Deployment

However, the essence of this publication is to guide applicants who have not be deployed on what to do. Deployment of applicants for the batch C phase of Npower is important before applicants can receive monthly stipends.

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Npower Deployment – Npower Batch Applicants

The Npower Batch C applicants have been divided into streams. These includes stream one and stream two. The stream one division has about 510 successful applicants. These applicants have been screened and verified by Npower management.

Npower Deployment – Npower Applicants Biometric Verification

The successful applicants were grouped as stream one and stream two. The stream one applicants have done bio-metric verification and most are deployed at the moment.

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Npower Deployment – Npower Deployment Failure

Deployment failure is what some applicants are facing at the moment. Some of these applicants are deployed but faces challenges. Some of the challenges is programme not available, deployment status disappearance etc. All of these and more could be resolved sincerely by applicants and still partake in the batch Programme.

Npower Deployment – Why Deployment Status Disappear

Some applicants have noted that deployment status suddenly disappear on third dashboard. And effort to have it restored proved abortive.

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The singular reason the Status disappeared from applicants dashboard could applicants Npower Programme is unavailable in that LGA. Such have made Npower office deactivate status of some applicants.

Npower Deployment – What To Do

Applicants whose status change should clear their browsing history and re-login. After login, change Npower Programme and deployment status will appear.