Npower Deployment Issue: How To Select Npower Programme in Your LGA For Redeployment

Npower PPA

Npower Deployment Issue – Npower applicants face difficulties of deployment after some were Successfully deployed.

Npower Batch C applicants who are part of the stream one have been deployed Successfully to their respective. They are bounds to visit their place of primary assignment for official recognition duty assignment.

However, some of the Npower Batch applicants has challenges of deployment. Some couldn’t print place of primary assignment letter because programme chosen is unavailable in the Local Government Area.

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Npower Deployment Issue/What To Do If PRIGRAMME Not Available in The LGA

Npower Batch C applicants who couldn’t be deployed has the chance to change Npower programme. Npower Programme, which applicants applied for but not available, such applicants can’t be deployed for the programme.

Npower Deployment Issue

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Npower Batch C applicants who couldn’t be deployed due to programme unavailability won’t partake in the programme. Npower has the singular power to terminate such applicants deployment. This means automatical disqualification from the programme.

Npower Deployment Issue/How To Redeploy

Applicants who couldn’t be deployed has Opportunity to change their deployment. This ample opportunity is available to applicants who couldn’t be deployed. Such applicants should follow the steps below to change their Npower Programme.

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. Such applicants should visit

. Such applicants should click on deployment. A list of Npower Programme will appear.

. Tap on any Npower Programme you prefer

. Tap on update for the new Npower Programme you have selected.

Npower Deployment Issue/What To Do Next

Once applicants have Successfully change Npower Programme on the NASIMS websites. Such applicants can reprint their deployment letter and take to their place of primary assignment.

No need to be concerned about the old Npower Programme you selected during application. The change would take effect and cover up the old programme selected. Applicants would be authenticated at the place of primary assignment he or she arrives.