Npower Bio-metric, Fingerprint Enrollment Capture: How You Can capture It

The Npower Bio-metric and fingerprint capture could be done easily by any of the applicants who successfully applied and took the Npower test on the NASIMS portal.The NASIMS portal was created this year for a singular purpose to handle every tasks associated with Npower. The NASIMS portal took charge of the Npower test successfully in march, 2021 and is burdened to oversee other chapter of the scheme.

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Now fingerprint of the scheme is on going at the moment and applicants can check this out on the NASIMS portal for the purpose of been a beneficiary at the end of the whole exercise.

Once you are on the dashboard, you’re expected to tap or click on the verification and see if your profile have been screened and shortlisted for verification and deployment.

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The essence of the bio-metric capture is to authenticate the details applicants submitted during registration.


To begin the process, you can click the link below and start to enroll and capture yourself