Npower Beneficiaries Updates: What Stream 2 Applicants Should Understand About Selection

NASIMS Payment Update

Npower Beneficiaries Updates – This information address while some batch C applicants of Npower may not be a beneficiaries of the social scheme.

It is note worthy that some applicants were not part of the stream 1 selection even with high scores. The non selected applicants have been worried and some wonder why they are not part of the stream 1 deployment even with the high scores they had.

It is important to note that high scores is not a criteria for Npower to select beneficiaries in the batch C. There are other yardsticks Npower used in selecting beneficiaries other than high scores alone.

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Npower Beneficiaries Updates – Reason Some Applicants Won’t Benefits from Batch C Programme.

Npower devised a method to select those that will benefits from the batch C programme. This method cut across the 36 states and the federal capital territory (FCT). Most applicants would have forgotten the method Npower adopts to select beneficiaries.

This method was made available few days after Npower aptitude test had been completed in April. That time, Npower that is now NASIMS revealed that high scores alone won’t be considered for selecting applicants for the programme.

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Npower noted that selection will be done, some applicants with high scores won’t be selected while some applicants with less scores could benefits depending on the factors for selection.

Npower Beneficiaries Updates – Factors For Selection

Bringing to remembrance what was said then, Npower noted that number of applicants from a local government is key in selecting beneficiaries. If an applicants scored high and the number of applicants from the same local government is high, chances are applicants with high score may not be selected.

Also, if an applicants score less and the number of applicants in the local government is low, applicants with lesser score would be selected for the batch C of the programme.

The above should be noted by applicants before they starts condemning Mrs Farouq Sadiyat for their seclusion.

Npower Beneficiaries Updates

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