Notice to Applicants on SEIFAC Grant Disbursement

Notice to Applicants on SEIFAC Grant Disbursement
Notice to Applicants on SEIFAC Grant Disbursement

The SEIFAC Grant Disbursement is all what applicants are hoping it’s commenced without much time wasted. The disbursement of the Grant to small agricultural farmers who applied is the most important applicants expect to happen.

The Grant was structured to aide agricultural purposes of farmers’ in Nigeria. That attracted farmers to apply with vigour when the portal opened over 12 months ago.  That vigour seems to have grained owing to the longing pending disbursement of loan to worthy applicants.

Would SEIFAC Grant Disbursement Still Possible? 

The organizers or management of SEIFAC has never said the Grant won’t be disbursed to worthy applicants. Applicants just have to exercise extreme patience while the management make a public announcement on the way forward on the disbursement.

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The management certainly understand what they are doing and they will take a position that will glad applicants. Applicants just have to be patience while they work out modalities of disbursement of payment. Applicants should understand that a great number of applications were received, such require a master handling.

So far applicants have completed their profile successfully and posses their Heritage Bank details, such would receive. For the Bank requirement is key for disbursement of grant to worthy applicants. All applicants that duly filled their details will be first treated before others.

What Date Will Disbursement of SEIFAC Grant Disbursement Starts? 

There’s no a set date for grants disbursement to starts. Once all necessary steps and requirement for disbursement are complete, disbursement will kick off in earnest. The disbursement is at the discretion of the management in charge of the grant.

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The official date for commencement of grant will be made available for applicants to know. However, it won’t be long when disbursement starts. The curiosity to have a disbursement is not as important as the disbursement. The peak item on the agenda of SEIFAC management is disbursement. And this shall be done faithfully.

SEIFAC Grant Disbursement – Is SEIFAC A True Programme?

SEIFAC is accurately true and the programme has a well defined objectives. The missions and the visions that backed SEIFAC transcends false moves. The programme will be beneficial once disbursement starts soon.

The SEIFAC Programme has the backing of the Central Bank of Nigeria and has passed through necessary agency in Nigeria. The programme is well registered with all necessary bodies in Nigeria. Hence, the authenticity is great and beat any petty view and perceptions about the programme.

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Though, the questions will be truly answered once disbursement kicked off. Only the disbursement would thoroughly answer the such questions. Applicants should not be tired irrespective of the delay arising in disbursement. The goal of it all is disbursement of the grant to worthy applicants.

What Should Applicants Do in Regards to SEIFAC Grant Disbursement ?

Applicants should remain resolute and wait for disbursement of grant. The programme is a fascinating one, the goal is on the path to be fulfilled. The doggedness of applicants is sacrosanct for management making a decisive action on disbursement.

All applicants will receive grant they will need to raise their farm project to the next level. The funding project have not been swept under the carpet. All the Government agencies that are involved in the SEIFAC programme are working to see disbursement commenced.

Notice to Applicants on SEIFAC Grant Disbursement
Notice to Applicants on SEIFAC Grant Disbursement