NNPC Pension Fund Limited Recruitment For Graduates

NNPC Pension Fund Limited Recruitment For Graduates – The NNPC Pension Funds aspires to be a world class pension funds committed to an effective and efficient management of every resources at it’s disposal for prompt payment of retirements benefits for people concern.

NNPC Pension Funds is an absolute trust limited founded to management NNPC Pension Assets for the benefits of all NNPC and DPR retirees.

The NNPC Pension Funds was founded established in 1983 as a non contributory defined benefits scheme. In 1986. the NNPC Pension Funds was transformed into a trust fund known as Incorporated Trustees of NNPC Pension Fund.

Following the enactment of Pension Reform Acts (PRA) in 2004, the Pension Fund was incorporated into a limited liability company known as NNPC Pension Fund Limited (NPFL).

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. Auditor Financial Audit (CA001)

. Auditor Investment Audit (CA002)

. Audit Pension and Gratuity Audits (CA003)

. Account, Budget and Assets (FA001)

. Account, Investment and Revenue (FA002)

. Account, Investment (FA003)

. Officer, Monitoring and Reconciliation 1  (FA004)

. Monitoring and Reconciliation 2 (FA005)

. Personal Assistant To General Manager, Finance (FA006)

. Compliance Officer (MD001)

. Officer, Properties Development/Quality Assurance (PI001)

. Personal Assistant To General manager, Investment (PI002)

. Supervisor Risk Manager (RM001)

. Officer Risk Management (RM002)

. Performance Appraisal/Staff Matters Officers (SA001)

. Network Engineer (SA002)

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NNPC Pension Funds 2021 Recruitment And Requirements

. Bachelor degree and HND required

. Graduates and Experience Hires

. Must have completed NYSC or have Exempted Letter

. Working Knowledge of internet, e-commerce and MS- office Applications

. Membership of a relevant professional bodies


NNPC Pension Fund Limited Recruitment For Graduates – Interested applicant should click this link to apply. Applicants should apply through the link above and should endeavour to submit correctly the details needed or required by the job position such applicants is applying. All documents should be correctly entered in the right space.