Nirsal Fresh Loan: Eligible Sectors And Businesses For Nirsal N500k, N750K And N3M Non-interest, Non-Collateral Free Loan

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Nirsal Fresh Loan: ItsĀ  no longer News that Nirsal Microfinance Bank has reopened application portal for Nirsal TCF and AGSMEIS loan.

The nirsal Fresh Loan application has been since August for any Nigerian who have not benefited from nirsal loan in previous application. The fresh loan application offers improved benefits for would be interested in the loan.

It is important to know that the Central Bank of Nigeria is giving Non-interest and Non-Collateral Free Loan of up to N3,000,000 to small businesses in a scheme called; Agric-business, small and medium enterprises investment scheme (AGSMEIS).

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According to Nirsal, a huge sum of N66.7 billion have been disbursed under AGSMEIS to 17,624 as of October 30th, 2020.

Nirsal Fresh Loan – Eligible Sectors and Businesses Qualified for N3 million Non-interest and Non-Collateral Free Loan

They includes;

. Agriculture & Agro- allied industry

. Art & Entertainment

. Automobile services

. Fashion & dressmaking

. Catering & event management

. Courier & delivery services

. Creative Industry

. Apparel & Textile

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Nirsal Fresh Loan Others Includes

. Information Communication & Technology ICT

. Media & Publishing

. Telecommunication

. Hospitality

. Health services

. Welding & fabrication

. Animal husbandry

. Cosmetics, Make-up & Beauty Artistry

. Electrical & Electronics

. POP & Tilling

. Carpentry

. Masonry

. Kerbs and Electric pole making.

Nirsal Fresh Loan