Nigerian Man Sneak into Hospital To Make Out With Sick wife (Video)

A Nigerian Man has landed himself in trouble after visiting hospital at 3am to make love with sick wife.

According to local reports, the man had visited the hospital at 3am where his wife is currently under medical care for an undisclosed ailment in the hospital.

Reports says the man visited the hospital, had altercation with nurses on duty at the middle of the night while insisting to see his ailing wife.

The Nurses had given way to the man but later found out he had visited the hospital to make our with his wife.

The reports became public as some patients in the ward alerted the nurses on duty while e couple were making disturbing noise at the hour.

The ailing infirmed the hospital authority that the husband could be violent and rain beating on her if she refuse to allow her husband to have his way.

The man was however walked out of the ward with the aide of the hospital guard.