NASIMS: Stream 1 Prevents Stream 2 Screening, Verification & Shortlists – Mrs Farouq

Dr (Mrs) Sadiat Farouq have revealed the reason Npower Batch C Stream 2 have not kicked off despite earlier announcement that the stream will start on the 15 of June.

The delay and why applicants of Batch C Stream 2 couldn’t commence the screening, verification and shortlist of applicants that deserve the next phase of the programme.

The uneasy have been lessen following the reports that came from the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management to all applicants looking forward to stream 2 of the programme.

Hope is not lost for those applicants who haven’t enrol for verification and shortlist and neither have they be screened on the Npower for the programme.

The woman revealed that the delay is important because Npower focal persons at the state level have not the list of Npower batch stream 1.

Npower focal persons at individual states are yet to receive the list of Npower batch C volunteers stream 1. Npower state focal persons have lamented the delay in the process of sending the lists of Npower batch C volunteers to the states from the ministry of humanitarian affairs.

This delay would slow down the deployment of Npower batch C  stream 1 applicants to their respective places of primary assignment.

All congratulatory messages received by Npower batch C applicants still remain at the Npower batch C stream 1. Npower batch C stream 2 have not commenced yet.