NASIMS Ready To Pay Three Months Stipends To Beneficiaries – NASIMS Staff Claimed

Npower Three Months Stipends To Come Like A Thief in The Night
Npower Three Months Stipends To Come Like A Thief in The Night

A different revelation has been made on when NASIMS three months stipends would be paid.

NASIMS beneficiaries are owed three months. NASIMS has succeeded in disbursing September stipends to all worthy beneficiaries. The Stipends commence on the 8th of November and lasted for two weeks.

Though, the September stipends disbursement was not without rancour as many could not be paid due to differential factors. Many resolutions steps have been suggested, only those beneficiaries who judiciously carry out the resolution steps would receive stipends.

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There have been wide reports that NASIMS payment could be soon disbursed. Yet, no disbursement of October and November has been made. Beneficiaries are left wanton and are not certain of disbursement before 2021 expire.

However, in an exclusive chat with NASIMS staff on Monday (Name Hidden), the staff reliably gave information as to when the Stipends will be disbursed to beneficiaries.

The staff who want her name withheld, revealed that NASIMS is ready to disburse three months stipends to worthy beneficiaries. Every effort to get three months stipends disbursed is underway. The management is working to achieving this.

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In her words;

” NASIMS is working hard to disburse three months stipends to worthy Beneficiaries. There have been a lot of issues lately. Some of this emanated from Beneficiaries inaccurate details.

“However, NASIMS will soon disburse stipends of October, November and December to all Beneficiaries once the management is done with every step to do.

” The management has engaged the Central Bank of Nigeria on the disbursement. The disbursement would cover three months”.

The staff said she’s not authorized to give comment on management decision but three disbursement is underway.