NASIMS Payment Update: Beneficiaries Take Note

Nasims Update Non-Graduate Npower Batch C Stream 2 Status
Nasims Update Non-Graduate Npower Batch C Stream 2 Status

NASIMS Payment Update – This publication is intended to the beneficiaries of Npower Batch C Stream 1.

It’s no longer a News that Npower Batch C Stream have been deployed successfully to their respective place of primary assignment (PPA). The Npower applicants have been longing to benefit from the federal government social scheme.

The rare opportunity came when the Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster led by Dr (Mrs) Sadia Farouq announced on behalf of the federal government of Nigeria. The announcement quenched the long awaited and hunger of applicants of batch C phase of Npower. The batch C phase began with division of applicants into stream 1 and 2.

The stream 1 had successfully on the instructions of Npower to undertake bio-metric to ascertain their applicability authenticity.

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NASIMS Payment Update – Npower Beneficiaries Deployment

Npower had selected successful applicants and they have been deployed successfully to their respect place of primary assignment (PPA). Those successfully deployed were those that took part in the bio-metric and write Npower test afterwards.

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NASIMS Payment Update – Beneficiaries Deployment Palaver

Most of the applicants Npower deployed to place of primary assignment (PPA) are having issues of Deployment. The issues ranging from inability to print place of primary assignment (PPA) letter, some couldn’t access their portal. Some have downloaded place of primary assignment (PPA), signed and unable to upload on the NASIMS portal. Some couldn’t redeploy and while some redeployed successfully.

Despite scores of Success, challenges s prevail for some beneficiaries which they are unable to finds solution to. The lingering challenges pose difficulties to smooth running of the batch C phase of Npower.

NASIMS Payment Update – Npower Batch C Beneficiaries Stipend Payment

Following the challenges some beneficiaries are facing, there could be delay in Npower Batch C Stream 1 stipend payment. This is so as to allow every beneficiaries to solve any challenge they are facing. Thereafter, Npower stipend will be disbursed accordingly to all Npower beneficiaries across different location in the country.

NASIMS Payment Update

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