NASIMS National Coordinator Speak on October, November Payment Date

Npower News To Beneficiaries
Npower News To Beneficiaries

There is an unending issues regarding the payment of NASIMS beneficiaries stipends for the month of October and November.

As beneficiaries hope for disbursement of owed months, the NASIMS National Coordinator has spoken on the pressing matter.

During a Live Zoom Meeting attended by many beneficiaries on Sunday evening. The NASIMS National Coordinator reiterated and assured beneficiaries of speedy payment of October.

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However, there is no time frame for November payment to all Beneficiaries of the social scheme.

According to Hogan Umo, a beneficiaries who was part of the Zoom meeting on Sunday wrote; “Just finished attending Zoom meeting with NASIMS National Coordinator.

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” In his words, we will see how to pay October stipends soon, but we are not sure when you will receive your November and December stipends, but hopefully, immediately after October stipends is paid”.