NASIMS Double Payment/What To Look out For This Week

Npower News To Beneficiaries
Npower News To Beneficiaries

There are issues surrounding NASIMS batch C and payment to Beneficiaries.

Not all Beneficiaries have been paid, some are still languishing in the pool of hope for payment. Inspite of the successes recorded by the social scheme management, some grey areas are still been affected serious.

Some of the challenges Beneficiaries are facing are self inflicted. Though, corrections and resolutions are been paid so that all can receive their stipends.

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What To Look Out For This Week 

1. Beneficiaries should be on look out for many things this week. This includes double payment to Beneficiaries. The double payment includes October and November payment. Though NASIMS is yet to set a dateline for disbursement of October and November payment.

But indications shows that the payment could commence this week. Beneficiaries were successfully deployed in September, since work has commenced. Not until November 8th before NASIMS began disbursement of stipends.

NASIMS Double Payment to Beneficiaries could start this week. Their are clear indicators that shows payment would starts. Beneficiaries should be on the look out for reputation information in respect to the NASIMS double payment.

2. Resolutions continue this week for those Beneficiaries who are yet to receive stipends of previous months. Those rightly affected should contact NASIMS resolutions contact care for way forward.

Many resolutions steps have been suggested by NASIMS, Beneficiaries who are affected should take the steps that can offer direct solutions to their case.