NASIMS Deployment: Steps To Avoid Toxic PPA on Deployment

NASIMS Payment Update

NASIMS Deployment – It’s no longer News that applicants in the batch stream 1 have been deployed after a long wait.

NASIMS Deployment is on going, this have started over four days. The deployment is taking place through out the entire 36 states and including the federal capital territory (FCT), Abuja. There’s wild jubilation among those deployed already by NASIMS.

The scheme will enable them to benefit from the President Muhammadu Buhari initiatives to lift youth out of poverty. The batch A and batch B phase of the scheme have been concluded long ago with many youth benefits. The beneficiaries received stipends at the end on the month through the scheme.

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The batch C applicant was carried out in mid year, 2020 when COVID-19 restrictions was at the peak in Nigeria. Since then, nothing was heard from Npower untill March 2021 when the management announced a major decision.

However, one of the major decision reached was the updating of profile on NASIMS power other than the initial Npower. Applicant took test and division into streams one and stream two follows.

NASIMS Deployment – Batch C Stream 1 Applicants Deployment

Some of the applicants in batch C Stream 1 have been successfully deployed to place of primary assignment (PPA). Some deployed applicants have visited their place of primary assignment but met very disgusting attitude of PPA management.

NASIMS Deployment

As a deployed applicants, you are met to work with your place of primary assignment management and not be labour by them. Some management may want to pile upon you over load when you resume as Npower beneficiary.

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Don’t be gullible to accept what would not be commendation by official of Npower or a reasonable person. That you are an Npower beneficiaries doesn’t means you should labour beyond reasonable doubt. If over load happen to you at your place of primary assignment, you may do the below.

NASIMS Deployment – Steps To Overload Duty At PPA

. Once you notice you’re been labour, engage the management and point their attention to it.

. Failure to yield to normal by the management, inform your Npower local government official you’re answerable to.

. Don’t yield to any threat by the place of primary assignment management issue to you. They can’t stop your payment.

. If the situation persists, bring in your local government Npower official to intervene. And be sure that everything be normal afterwards.