NASIMS: Conditions For 70%, 65%, 55%, 50%, 45%, 35% Selections For Bio-metrics Verification

Criteria selection for Npower batch C applications have been unveil. Officials in charge of Npower have released criteria for selecting candidates who applied for 2020 social scheme.Applicants have taken their test in March and are yet to receive a tangible call for the next phase of arrangement of the scheme. Though NASIMS have taken bold steps in transmitting applicants to the next phase.

The batch C stream A selection of the scheme have been concluded. Those selected have are embarking on bio-metrics verification of the process.

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However, upon the uproar that ensured as many could not make the batch C stream A selection processes, nasims have released the selection process forthwith.

According NASIMS, the minister for humanitarian has stated the reason some applicants scored high nut were not selected was as a result of their geographical locations . She further stated that applicants were considered base on scores and population for the first stream.

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She said if the population of applicants of an area over the specific number of 1000 in local government A. Only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected. But if local local government B has a population that its number of applicants are less than a 1000 applicants. If an applicants of Npower scored 0%  or 35% he or she can still be selected so as to balance the needed number of applicants that is expected to meet in the programme.

The selection procedures should be borne in mind by every applicants who applied for the batch C social of the programme. The selection process would be used to select applicants before they can partake in the social scheme when the final list is out.

Soon nasims will deploy the most preffered applicants for the scheme and such would start receiving payment from the Government.


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