NASIMS Commence Disbursement from September 2021 ‘All Failed Payment’, ‘Outstanding Debt’ to Beneficiaries

The Npower NASIMS Portal Login: Latest Update
The Npower NASIMS Portal Login: Latest Update

All NASIMS failed payment from September 2021 and all beneficiaries outstanding debt payment are ongoing.

You will recall that since NASIMS commenced disbursement in September 2021, not all beneficiaries on the payroll of the government have received stipends.

While payment have lasted for a year, most of the batch C stream 1 are not receiving stipends due to many reasons. However, NASIMS had taken steps to disburse stipends to beneficiaries involved, who have not be receiving stipends due caused by technical “failed payment”.

NASIMS announces this amid debt of four month the social scheme is owing beneficiaries in stream 1. NASIMS wrote on their social media page;

“Dear N-power Batch C1,

“Just as we had assured in the time past that all failed payment from September 2021 to 2022 will be paid as backlogs, we’re really working tirelessly on all payment issues to ensure they are paid and cleared out. We appreciate your patience do far and solicit for more while resolution last, as it will be soon completed”

“Thank you!

I’m the mean time, NASIMS will also clear all outstanding debt currently owed by the federal government social Programme.