NASIMS Begin Probing Beneficiaries Account Profile

Npower News To Beneficiaries
Npower News To Beneficiaries

Nasims has commenced probing beneficiaries account profile to determine incoherent on beneficiaries account profile.

As NASIMS continue to disburse stipends to avalanche of beneficiaries across the country. Many of the beneficiaries are yet to receive stipends.

A lot of unresolved issues has emanated from since payment commences on the 8th of November for September payment.

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NASIMS has embarking on beneficiaries account profile to unravel what constitutes the unresolved issues facing NASIMS beneficiaries.

Earlier Monday, NASIMS has revealed certain and inalienable issues that have hindered the smooth running of NASIMS beneficiaries stipend disbursement.

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In lieu of the above, NASIMS has unveiled many issues that causes that affects most Beneficiaries. Nasims wrote extensively under a caption that reads; ” Our Discoveries”.

While we run a check on your profile page, the following were discovered were made on some Beneficiaries profile, which constituted to their inability to get paid.

1. Did not do the COMPULSORY verification exercise. Changed from Beneficiaries to Applicants.

2. Did Physical Verification exercise but was not successful. I.e pending or changes from Beneficiaries to applicants.

3. Wrong bank account details provided. Bank invalidation.

4. No bank account details was provided. Bank invalidation.

5. No BVN provided. Bank invalidation.

6. Information mismatch etc.

Based on the Discoveries above, some Beneficiaries stem the possible cause of “failed payment” and “No payment data Available”. While we take responsibility for those who attend processes “accurately” and “Successfully”, but still experience the unfortunate issues.

While collation of data is ongoing, should there be any further directives provisional on supplementary verification for those that missed out, is shall be communicated across.

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