NASIMS Batch C Stream 2: A Set Time For Stream 2 Shortlists, Biometrics Verification

Npower PPA

NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 – NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 could soon be shortlisted and deployed.

Some applicants of Npower Batch C which later transformed to NASIMS are already deployed. These applicants have waited for months before wave of shortlist and Biometrics Verification came their way.

All application was done in in mid 2020 with no further progress after successful application. Applicants were left in limbo for few months before a major break through came in March, 2021.

Applicants were instructed to update application portal on NASIMS. This was judiciously done which follows with online aptitude test graded on percentages.

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However, some applicants received notice to carry out Biometrics Verification to ascertain their authenticity. This was done and three months later, not less than 510 applicants were deployed in stream 1 of batch C.

NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 – Who To Expect Shortlists Notice From NASIMS

Applicants in batch C who were not part of the stream 1 deployment should expect Shortlists notification from NASIMS.

The shortlists notification would be sent to applicants that merit NASIMS grading systems through the online aptitude test. The online aptitude test was taken in April and only those that merit that will receive notification test.

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NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 – A Set Time For Stream 2 Shortlists, Biometrics Verification

There is no perpetual limbo to all applicants of batch C who were not part of stream 1. The NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 would soon be deployed to complete the number of beneficiaries pegged for batch C.

The federal government has announced that a total of 1000 beneficiaries would be recruited for the special programme. Thus far in the stream 1, about 510 were deployed which means about 490 would still added to the already deployed stream 1.

NASIMS Batch C Stream 2

NASIMS stream 2 could come after  deployment and stream 1 commence official duties at their respective Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Applicants who are yet to deployed should be on the look out for official notice from NASIMS.

NASIMS Batch C Stream 2 – Official Time For Shortlists

The official time for the Shortlists of applicants not deployed now would be communicated to selected applicants. These applicants would meet NASIMS grade system and they could receive Shortlists notification.