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NASIMS applicants should be ready to attend physical verification that is commencing soon across the states of Nigeria.

In February 2021 the social scheme allowed all applicants to verify their portal and take test on the new portal designed for the purpose. After this has been done, applicants have been waiting to receive the latest steps to be taken by the commission.

If you’re an applicants and you constantly visits the NASIMS portal, you will notice the portal now have verification in progress and the deployment button is inactive. Once this documents verification currently ongoing is done, deployment and physical verification commenced immediately.

Now there are key things applicants must be in mind to be successful during physical verification of in the state of your deployment. Note that your place of deployment would be the state you’ve chosen yourself and which you submitted during registration in 2020.


. You are expected to tender all original copies of the documents you submitted during registration.

. Your application i.d that start with NPR is highly needed during physical verification.

. Applicants national i.d would be required for authentic identification

. Birth certificate and other tangible documents that can authenticate applicants origin is expected for the verification that will last for one week.

. Utility bill of applicants resident is required for authentication. This is important because applicants could be traced to resident if dialed to meet up with obligatory in respect to the NASIMS.

. Applicants should note that failure to provide any of the above listed amount to total disqualification of such applicants.

It is reasonable to inform applicants that only one thousand applicants is needed for this of applicants and hence Applicants should endeavour to make necessary all the requirements above. Provision of all needed requirements will allow applicants to be bonafide beneficiary of the social Scheme.


The physical verification has been scheduled to take place immediately after the documents verification is completed and the commission will give official announcement. The announcement will usher every applicants into the one year programme which will see another batch of applicant benefits from the Noble scheme.

The physical verification is tye last verification required to deploy successful applicant for the programme. All hands must be on deck by applicants for every necessary steps all the way for the programme to occurred. Applicants should be on the look out for deployment after verification.


Applicants can check their status on the NASIMS portal by following the instructions we have listed below.

. Applicants will need to visit the NASIMS portal via www.nasims.gov.ng

. Applicants should enter the email address they registered while registration in 2020 during the registration window.

. Applicants should login with the password of the email address they registered on the portal.

Meanwhile if you intend to visit the portal and check your status for a tangible deployment, you can do that here but you will need to follow instructions carefully so that you can get the desire results.

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