Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM

Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM

Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM – Argentine Soccer Lord, Lionel Messi have revealed the difference of playing with Suarez, Neymar, and Mbappe.

The Argentine played with Luis Suarez during his days in Barcelona, this was also a time Neymar junior also play for Barcelona. Their time together was very fruitful as Messi, Suare,z and Neymar were nicknamed MSN. An acronym that means Messi, Suare,z and Neymar. The acronym was very popular throughout the world among soccer lovers.

The departure of Neymar to Paris Saint-German has reduced effect on the popularity the acronym had gained. And of course, the trio partnership for Barcelona was deadly, an effect that makes opponents quake whenever they are facing Barcelona.

Lionel switched club to Paris Saint-German (PSG) in the summer. The move brought him into the same club with Neymar Jr who was his former teammate. The arrival of Messi to PSG was hailed and tagged deadliest in Europe as PSG has the calibre of players like Messi, Neymar and Mbappe. The trio is very attacking minded and deadly to the opponent.

Lionel Messi has spoken on the difference between Messi, Suarez and Neymar of Barcelona when compare with Messi, Neymar and Mbappe of Paris Saint-German (PSG). The Argentine soccer Lord highlighted several keys that differentiate the players, they includes;

Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM – Player’s Age

Lionel Messi revealed the difference in the players age as a key factor that shows difference between the players. In his word;

“Age, first of all! We were young when we started playing together with Neymar. Today, the younger star is Kylian Mbappe”.

Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM – Playing Position

Lionel Messi revealed another striking difference between the players and he noted the players playing position are different. As he said;

“Also Luis and Kylian are very different players. Luis is a pure No.9, a centre-forward, who performs particularly well in the box and is used to scoring a lot of golas”.

Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM – Players Strength

The last difference Lionel Messi noted was player’s strength. He revealed to the media that Kylian is very powerful. As he put it;

” Kylian likes to touvh the ball more. He’s a very powerful and extremely fast player, who can kill you if give him any space and who also scores a lot.  They are spectacular players, but with different qualities”.

Messi Explain Difference Between MSN And MNM


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