Masters & PhD Degree Tuition Free Canadian Universities Lists

If you have the dream to pursue a Master and PhD programme you can consider Canadian University as majority of the Universities offers tuition free programme for foreign students.

The Universities that offers post graduate studies for foreign students are fifteen in number and they often referred to as U15 in the country. If yours is to have a foreign degree programme, you may consider applying for any of the University as we shall beginning to list them down in this article.

Every links and how to apply for the Universities are readily made available on the University website, all you have to do is to visit and look out for the relevant programme that suits you. You should carefully study the requirements very well before you apply. Make a good, strong application for each of the University and be sure you will receive positive responds from any of them.

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Entrance scholarships exist in all the University and you will be considered based on your application. The condition for each school are well spell out, the amount and others which may includes availability may differ due to programme you applied for.

The Universities are regarded as pocket friendly institutions.  Successful applicants is entitle to 79% of funding and will undertake 80% Canadian research that worth $8.5 billion annually. This contribute up to $36 billion to the Economy of the country and graduate about 75% of all the doctorate awards in the country. The Universities includes;

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. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO: This Premier University offers scholarship to foreign students with annual research income up $1.3 billion with a total number of students at 90,075 which foreign students takes up 19,190.

. UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA: This University can boost of $658 million research funds and enroll up to 64,800 students with number of international students numbering up to 17,225 annually.

. UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL: This University also has a whooping sum of $567 million for research with total enrollment of students up to 67,390 with international 10,000.

. McGill University: This University dish out research fee up to $515 million. Th University admits students up to 40,035 and international students totaled at 12,535 yearly.

. University of Alberta: The University is another one that confer up to $513 million and admits students up to 38,310 with international students pegged around 7,865 annually.

.UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY: Calgary University has research up to $488 million sets aside. The University also admits students 33,100 and students of international origin at 4,305 every year.

. LAVAL UNIVERSITY: Laval University has enduring space for foreign students and sets aside annulayy a whooping sum of $404 million research funds. About 31,845 students are admitted with international students taking up about 3,525 yearly.

. McMaster UNIVERSITY: McMaster University is endowed with accepting students for scholarship. The University has about $380 million, takes up and admits students 31,845, foreign taking up to 3,525 yearly.

. UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA: Ottawa University has whooping sum of $313 million, admits students up to 42,255 will take students of international up to 7,150 yearly.

.WESTERN UNIVERSITY: Western University runs scholarship for foreign students and sets aside $239. The University admits students numbering up to 31,170 and offers foreign students 4,570 annually.

. UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO: Waterloo University admits students year for masters and PhD degree. The University sets aside about $224 million and admits foreign students up to 9,000 every year.

. UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA: Manitoba University admits foreign students about 5,590 every year from a total of 29,620 students admitted for the programme. The University put aside $212 million for research work.

. QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY: Queen’s University gulp about $176 million for research, admits 26,650 students for Masters and PhD programme with international students takes 3,405 yearly.

. UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN: This particular University put up whooping sum of $176 million for post graduate programme. The University admits nearly 20,000 students and offers foreign students 5,978 every year.

. DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY: This University budget about $168 million for post graduate programme. The University enroll huge number of students for the programme which is up to 19,555 ans offers international students 4,695 slots.


Application should be done on any of the university website. Applicants should take cognizance of requirements of any of the University and supply all the requirements as put out by the University.