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SMEDAN Issues "Disclaimer Notice" to Applicants
SMEDAN Issues "Disclaimer Notice" to Applicants

The Government has embarked on a major program to assist in the further development of
Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) under SME Business Support Fund.

As an integral part of the overall program, and in support of other components, the BSF has been created with the support of the Asian Development Bank to assist both SMEs and the respective providers of business development services (BDS).

SME Business Support Fund Target Group
The target group comprises of established SMEs (employing up to 250 staff or with a maximum turnover
of N300 million) with an operating history of at least three years. BSF can support individual enterprises and a group of enterprises.

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SME Business Support Fund Objectives & Activities
The objectives of the BSF are to assist in the improvement of the competitiveness of SMEs and to enhance the revenue-generating capacity and profitability of target groups. The BSF can provide matching grants to stimulate the use of business support services. The grants will be
provided after the completion and acceptance of agreed activities.

Objectives & Activities 
BSF can support activities such as:

• Short-term consultancies for management, marketing, production, productivity, product development and adaptation, packaging, quality, standards, technology transfer or up-gradation.

• Market development, research, trade fair activities, sales missions abroad, bench marking, promotion
and similar demand driven support services.

• And others as approved by the BSF management team in line with overall objectives.

• Funds are not available for capital goods or working capital.

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SME Business Support Fund Eligible Engagements/Activities
Only new engagements of business services can qualify for funding. For an engagement to qualify for
grant support, the proposal must among other things
• Be aimed clearly at enhancing the applicants competitiveness
• Must show clear objectives, measurable incremental results
• Show how internal and external resources will be utilized over a certain time frame
• Must include a detailed cost proposal and justification for selection of service providers

SME Business Support Fund – The Application
The client is to submit a formal application (form to be provided by the BSF), together with the engagement description/proposal and supporting documentation, in strictest confidence, to the BSF management team. The team will review the application, and recommend it for acceptance, when/if appropriate, to an appraisal team which is made up of the Board of Directors.

SME Business Support Fund – The Matching Grant
On written approval, and signature of all parties to the agreement, the client will proceed with the implementation. On satisfactory completion of the agreed activities, within the given framework, and after review and acceptance of the documentation provided, BSF will arrange for a refund of up to 50 per cent of the total agreed costs, up to a maximum of Rs 1.8 million.

The Claim
The claim for the grant (refund) must be submitted within one month of completion of the activities. The
refund will be made in Pakistan Rupees (net of taxes, duties, etc) based on the original records of actual
costs/expenditures incurred in line with the approved grant application.

How to Apply

Visit link to apply

SME Business Support Fund
SME Business Support Fund