Link to Apply for Maize Aggregation Funding Scheme

Maize Aggregation Scheme is for feed millers, poultry farmers, silos warehouse operators and confectionery companies to enable them have access to affordable credit for the purchase of home-grown maize to promote the Federal Government of Nigeria’s National Food Security Programme (NFSP).

The objectives of the scheme are to:

i) Stabilize prices of maize and make its production profitable for farmers.

ii) Increase local production of maize.

iii) Provide credit facilities to feed millers, poultry farmers, silo and warehouse operators, Integrated feed millers and confectionery companies using maize as their major component at single digit interest rate.

iv) Enhance national food security.

  • Funding provided at cheap cost.
  • Reasonable tenor of loan.
  • Funding targeted to specific Agricultural production (Maize).

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Maize Aggregation Scheme (MAS)/ Features

  • Single digit interest rate (9% all-in, max).
  • Maximum obligor limit is N2.0bn.
  • Maximum tenure is 12 months.
  • Only locally produced/grown maize will be financed for purchase.
  • Bullet repayment after 12 months loan tenor.

Feed millers, Poultry farmers, Silos and Warehouse Operators and Confectionery companies

How To Apply

Interested persons can apply by clicking this link to apply.

Maize Aggregation Scheme. Eligibility and requirements for application. Application deadline and amount to disburse to applicant

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