Less than 24 Hours After Antonio Conte Dismissal, Portuguese Manager Agreed Terms with Tottenham , Announcement Imminent

Reports in Europe suggests Tottenham is on the verge of announcing a new manager who will succeed Antonio Conte.

Antonio Conte made headlines over the weekend following his outburst against his players and the owner. The Italian who just return from hospital bed days back caused major headlines.

The club reacted to Antonio Conte outburst by dismissing the Italian as the manager of Tottenham.

Less than 24 hours of Antonio Conte dismissal as Tottenham manager, reports in Europe says Portuguese manager is on the verge of signing for Tottenham as the new manager to succeed Conte.

You’ll recall that the last Portuguese to manage club was Jose Mourinho. The former Chelsea manager did well for the club but had similar outburst with his players, his appointment as the team manager was terminated.

Unconfirmed reports says the Roma manager could be on his way to Tottenham for a second spell on the hot seat.

The Portuguese re-appointment means, if all things be equal he’s back to finish his first spell job.

Announcement of the Portuguese manager is imminent as Tottenham board want to sort out things before players arrival from international break.