Latest Npower Update on October, November Double Payment

Npower Payment data

This is the latest update on Npower October, November double payment of stipends.

The disbursement of September payment has not ended. Those Beneficiaries yet to receive funds are now receiving funds after resolutions have been reached by many of them.

Those yet to receive will surely receive once the necessary resolutions have been taken by the Beneficiaries concern. Those who are yet to take resolutions steps should do so as to facilitate quick disbursement of stipends.

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However, Npower has once again speak on the October, November double payment of stipends to Beneficiaries. This has generated much talk among Beneficiaries even though September payment has not ended.

Npower has said, the next payment commencement date will be communicated to Beneficiaries. This is contained in a short update online.

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Npower writes;

We are concern about the October, November double payment. The management of Npower has not approved disbursement of stipends as claimed online for October and November Payment. At the moment, there’s nothing like such.

We are committed to finding lasting solutions to pending payment. After next payment date will be communicated across.

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