Lagos State Scholarship Awards Guides

Lagos State have been  a remarkable state among other states in Nigeria. The state which is regarded as the most commercial in Nigeria have always be on the front-line in bringing out what is the best for every citizens living the state.

The state has a high level of package for her citizens in area of scholarship. In the state, several scholarship are on the table for students who desire a scholarship in their educational pursuit. The effort to make scholarship awards available for students in different category have been a unique and a remarkable feat for the state.

The state make available several scholarship in different phases which covers pupils, students in secondary schools and University students as well as scholarship on a compassionate level to any deserving persons. This has helped the Lagos State pupils, students and that effect is seeing on the manner students of the state are not been dropped out of their respective studies and schools. The state decides to awards scholarship to pupils and students on a compassionate level but those in the University benefit awards based on their academic merit.

Those students in the tertiary are able to partake in this scholarship benefit after making a successful application with an evidence of 3.5 CGPA in their previous academic courses.  The successful readily available academic performance students make available to the Lagos state scholarship board constantly qualifies them to benefit again in their next level in tertiary school.

The state scholarship has six different phases of scholarship it’s awards deserving applicants yearly. These phases are the area where the state will award every pupils and students that successfully merit the scholarship. The six phases enable students to apply successfully without hitches and get them awarded with the scholarship at the end of the exercise.


In this phase of scholarship, the state government is in partnership with several worthy and highly professionals bodies like companies to awards scholarship to students who thoroughly deserves the scholarship. One among the partnership company is Agbami medical and engineering scholarship which the state awards yearly and now, University of Caleb has approach the state for partnership in giving out scholarship.


The state takes steps to awards scholarship to indigen students of the state on behalf of the Federal government of Nigeria. The scholarship receives application from the federal government and distribute among students that want to benefit from the scholarship. The state scholarship board also attend the scholarship interview for students. The bilateral agreement helps the state government to acts on behalf of the federal government scholarship and the commonwealth scholarship.


The state ceaselessly pursue an overseas scholarship for students studying in any University abroad. This is a special programme which began in 2005 and have many students as a beneficiary on this. The aim fully dictates that every students in the overseas University should have the capacity to chase their dreams by making financial backing available to them through scholarship.


The winner of this scholarship emerges from a spelling bee the state organizes for pupils in primary education studies. The winner would have the ample opportunity to be a the state Governor for a day. Every documents signed by the one-day governor is valid and will be implemented when the incumbent governor assumes office the following day. This goodly gesture makes Lagos state unique among other states in Nigeria, whatever is done remains likes that for state government.


The state awards to sports men and women who brings honour to the state through winning of medal in any sports categories the state features may it be national sports festival. The scholarship also extended to indigene of the state that participate and represent Nigeria in any filed of sports outside the country. Those medalist will receive a bounty scholarship from the state government to pursue an academic studies anywhere in the world.


This provides grand to offer scholarship to students in the state College of health technology. The beneficiaries of this scholarship, the new students would have 70% of their tuition fees paid by the state government and those returning students who are beneficiaries would have 30% of their tuition fees paid by the state government.


The direct application for any of this scholarship programme could be purchased through the Lagos state scholarship board website. The link to the website is click here and do ensure you provide all the necessary information required from so that you can be a success.