Kaduna State Educational Loan For Students

Kaduna State Educational Loan For Students – The Kaduna State Government has open application portal for Educational loan for students that truly deserves Educational loan.

The Educational Loan is categories in three phases and they includes;

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. Educational Loan Application for Undergraduate: The Loan can be applied to by Undergraduate, Post-graduate and professionals courses and is available for private sector employees, states and federal civil servants who are indigene of Kaduna State.

Under this Scholarship, Kaduna State Indigene can apply for a loan up to N5, 000,000 per sponsor. A student can have a sponsor of two. A repayment is over a period of up to 5 years.

Indigene of Kaduna State should see this as an opportunity to benefit from the state and develop their skills that will be useful in today and tomorrow global competitive market.


. This Scholarship is meant for an employed Student or a non-employed student sponsored. Anyone willing to collect and repay the loan on behalf of the student can apply.

. Candidates must have an admission in a Tertiary institution.

. Sponsor and the Student must be a Kaduna citizens either by residency or state of origin.

. Students or their sponsor must have a consistent source of income that enable them to repay.

. Educational Loan Application for Post-graduate

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. Educational Loan Application For Post-graduate Students: This is loan application applies to students who hails from Kaduna State but currently undertaken Post-graduate studies. Also Civil servant in the state or federal civil servant can apply for the loan.


. Applicants must have admission in a Tertiary institution before applying

. Sponsor or students must an Indigene of Kaduna State either by residency or origin.

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. Computer Purchase Educational Loan: The Scholarship Applications is designed for students to win the scholarship and own a Computer that could aide their academic performance in this global competitive market.


. HP Notebook 15; Price : N220,000

. Lenovo Laptop (15.6”); Price: N200,000

. HP Notebook 15 (2); Price: N250,000


interested person can apply via this link and submit all necessary requirements.

Kaduna State Educational Loan For Students