Just in: Npower (NASIMS) Issues Important Notice To Applicants Shortlisted For Verification in Batch C of Npower Programme

Npower (NASIMS) issued important notice to applicants of Batch C Npower Programme who have been shortlisted for verification.

The notice was made available on the NASIMS website dedicated for the federal government of Nigeria social intervention fund especially for those who applied for the Batch C of the Npower Programme in 2020.

The notice reads;

All applicants who are not yet shortlisted for the verification stage are kindly advices to take their examination now so they can be listed for the next batch.

Only applicants who have taken their test and examination will be considered for deployment”.

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Npower which is been handled by NASIMS have commenced the bio-metric verification of some applicants. To judiciously and effectively acheived that, NASIMS is currently undertaking the verification of some applicants who falls in the Batch C stream 1 phase of the programme.

Those candidates are currently thumb printing and validating their bio-metric status on the NASIMS platform. This commenced a week ago and the turn out have been impressive.

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Some applicants who are yet to take their test on the NASIMS portal are advised to do so that they can be considered to be among applicants that will benefits from the social programme.


Npower (NASIMS) have announced that the Batch C stream 2 of the screening phase of the programme will begin on the 25th of June, 2021. This will follow immediately after Batch C stream 1 have concluded their bio-metric Verification on the NASIMS portal.


The deployment and physical verification will take place this month also, this is according to Npower (NASIMS). The guidelines for the physical verification have been released. Applicants will undertake physical verification to authenticate their true status after bio-metric verification is completed but this will come after Applicants who were shortlisted have carried out their verification on NASIMS portal.

Applicants who falls among those who have not taken their test since March can do so now using the grace window.

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