JAMB Cut-off Mark:JAMB Cancel Cut-off, Allow Schools To Take Decision

JAMB Cut-off Mark

JAMB Cut-off Mark – The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced the cancellation of JAMB Cut-off Mark.

The announcement was made yesterday after an extraordinary meeting of the BOARD in Abuja. The decision to cancel JAMB Cut-off Mark was a shift in the educational arrangement of Nigeria.

There have been widespread argument in the past concerning JAMB Cut-off by admission seekers and parents. Institutions in Nigeria also differs in the general cut off mark bench marked by JAMB for Nigerians institutions.

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The answer for the JAMB general cut off to be scraped was answered yesterday during the meeting in Abuja by educational board in Nigeria. The decision to scrap JAMB Cut-off Mark was a new dawn in the Nigeria educational sector.

JAMB Cut-off Mark – Why Did JAMB Cancel General Cut-off Mark?

JAMB main reason to cancel general cut off mark was birthed to give liberty to institutions to peg worthy Cut-off. The board have noted before time that institutions have disparing Cut-off marks. Some institutions suggested different scores even when JAMB peg general Cut-off.

JAMB Cut-off Mark – Decision Reached By JAMB

JAMB reached a major decision at their extraordinary meeting on Tuesday. The decision made includes liberty for Institutions to peg cut off mark that is great for the Nigerians education.

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Now, for Institutions to peg cut off mark, no consideration again for JAMB as institutions has the liberty to peg cut off of their choice. Institutions cut off mark would differs from institutions to institutions across Nigeria.

JAMB Cut-off Mark

Aspiring admission seekers should look out for the cut off mark of the institution they have chosen in their JAMB. The cut off mark will be decided upon by the institution, the cut off mark eould be abide by all candidates.

Aspiring and admission seekers should contact their institution of choice to get the cut off mark.