JAMB 2021 Exam Novel: The Life Changer Summary – Download All Chapters Summary

JAMB 2021 Exam Novel – The Life Changer Summary. The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) have unveiled the novel every candidate for the exam should read before sitting for the 2021 exam.In this post, you will find a summarized content of each chapters of the novel. You will also find possible questions and answers in this post. The questions and answers are all drawn from the recommended novel for this year exam.

Likely questions you will find in this post includes

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. What is the theme of the novel recommend for this year JAMB exam? Answer – The Life Changer

. Who author JAMB recommended novel for 2021 exam? Answer – Khadija Abubakar Jalli

. What is the name of JAMB 2021 recommended novel for use of English? Answer – The Life Changer

. How many questions will come from JAMB 2021 exam novel? Answer – Every JAMB candidate should expect about 20 to 35 questions from JAMB 2021 recommended novel.


JAMB recommends that every candidate would need to read through ‘The Life Changer’. The novel is author by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

The Life Changer is a novel that changes the narrative of life on campus. The novel is laced with underlining optimism, the novel upholds the tenets of hope and redemption in the life of Nigerian youth.

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. THE LIFE CHANGER- Summary of Chapter One

A family of size six awaits the arrival of Mr Esquire. As they wait, Bint recounts her classroom encounter with intrusive social studies teacher, Mallam Salihu who is well read and asked questions outside social studies. Bints gave ample account of how he left the social studies dumbfounded to the cheering and laughter of fellow pupils.

Bint’s father, Mr Ummi was very proud of Bint’s intelligent and joined in the discussion before Omar’s joyfully announced he has secured admission to study law at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The family assembled to celebrate Omar’ success, Omar boast of his success especially in taking steps to overcome admission challenges and examination procedures while seeking admission. Omar’s father Ummi realises his son naivety and and enlighten him about life changing capability of University Admission.

. THE LIFE CHANGER – Summary of Chapter Two

After 20 years of Ummi admission and even before she gets married to her husband even before her registration commence. Ummi tells stories about freedom and carefree of students life. The difficulty in differentiating between students and lecturers. She also tells about how female students dressed almost naked and how some faculties implement dress code for their students. Ummi also told her story about a sophisticated young lady, Salma.

She narrated Salma goes for her registration much later than anyone would do and always expresses discomfort, irritation and tiredness in the registration processes. Salma was interrogated by a young on the queue waiting to do his registration and the young man continue to engage her. Salma keep criticizing lecturers. Salma also creates similarities between Lecturers and Police as two main personalities that can be bribed. Salma also boast of winning lecturers heart if he could accept as low as two or three thousand naira. U knowingly to Salma, the young man who have been conversing with her repeatedly is the lecturer in charge of Registration units of Ahmadu Bello University.

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. THE LIFE CHANGER – Summary of Chapter three
Any candidate who wish to download the JAMB Novel ‘THE LIFE CHANGER’ should click this link and download the complete summary of the Novel.

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