‘I Better Leave This House Than To Play This Game’, Pere Cries Out From White-room

The ongoing big Brother Naija reality TV Show has taken a twist following Sunday eviction.

The show which is known traditionally for her usual manner of eviction took a different gap of eviction on Sunday night.

Earlier, the show host Ebuka has announced there will be twist from the eviction method known traditionally by all globally.

As eviction continue from the show on Sunday night in the house, the show host, Ebuka announced that “this is a game of trucks and screwdrivers, whoever wins the games secure a spot to the finale and gets to enter the house. The looser will eventually be evicted from the reality TV Show”.

As Saga, Nini and Queen were be evicted from the house on Sunday, Pere and Angel were evicted from the show but not from the house. They are both lodged in the ‘White-room’ pending the outcome of their trucks and screwdrivers game.

As Pere and Angel are both lodged in the ‘White-room’, Pere had cried out of frustration due to his eviction from the show and not the house to play the trucks and screwdrivers game with Angel.

Pere said, ” having to play this game to win and and go back again, I prefer they made anyone else the addition because I rather choose to leave.

” I prefer to leave rather than play this game. However, as the situation, I have been given another chance so I’ll just take it but no one understands how I feels’, he said to Angel.

It’s important to note that anyone who complete the task will have a spot in the finale and anyone who looses automatically loose the chance to win the N90 million prize.