How To Invests in US Stock Market From Nigeria – A Complete Guide

US Stock Market

US Stock Market – Nigerians can invest in US Stock right from Nigeria.

There are wonderful ways Nigerians can invest and make good money from US Stick Market. These steps are proven with many Nigerians already invested in US Stock Market.

You can buy and sell US Stocks in Nigeria and make bounty from the exchange. Investing in shares comes with risks, so it wonderful you take your time to study the market. Interested persons should be driven by knowledge and not greed because that could be fatal.

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It’s important to note that greed investment will bleed you while knowledge beard Investment would enrich you greatly beyond what you never thought.

US Stock Market – How You Can You Invest in US Stock from Nigeria

There are six ways you can achieve investing in US Stock market. Just follow the instructions below;

. Create an account on

. Fund your account using Nigerian transfer or US Dollar Domiciliary Account transfer or Barter. Funds could take 2 to 3 working days to appear in your wallet account.

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. Search for the particular US Stock you want to invest from Nigeria. Navigate to the stock page details, tap buy. Select your preferred buying option. Buy when stock price increases or buy when stock price decreases.

. From the My Stock section on the homepage, select the stock you want to sell to navigate to the stock’s information page and input your sell details.

. Bamboo charges 1.5% commission when you trade (Buy or Sell) on the US market. Other charges or fees are displayed on the review order page before orders are confirmed.

. To withdraw, navigate to your profile page on the Bamboo and click the withdraw button. Next, select the account option and fill in the necessary details.

US Stock Market – Could these Be True

All information above are very true as they are sourced from resourceful person.

Credit: Reno Omokri

US Stock Market