How CBNties Graduates Loan Works – All Graduates Need to Know

The Central Bank of Nigeria, as part of its effort to boost economic growth and reduce unemployment among graduates of Nigeria Polytechnics and Universities, introduced the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme.

The Scheme is designed to create a paradigm shift among undergraduates and graduates from the pursuit of white collar jobs to a culture of entrepreneurship geared towards job creation, economic growth and sustainable development.

The Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) therefore developed the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES), in partnership with the academia( Universities and Polytechnics) to unleash the potential of the Nigeria graduate entrepreneurs (gradpreneurs) by providing re-orientation, training and an innovative financing model that will enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem with transformational impact on the economy.

How it Works ? All You Need to Know 

To properly understand CBNties, the below questions offers answers to how it works.

  1. The Term Loan Component is NOT a grant but a loan repayable over an agreed tenor for a specific purpose with clear terms and conditions.
  2. The Equity Investment Component shall be in the form of injection of fresh capital for start-ups, expansion of established businesses or reviving of ailing entrepreneurial businesses. The Component shall be implemented under the AGSMEIS Equity window.
  3. The Development Component of TIES is in form of grants to Nigerian Polytechnics and Universities after participating and coming top in a National biennial (ie. once in 2 years) entrepreneurship competition. The competition is aimed at raising awareness and visibility of highimpact entrepreneurial/technological ideas among undergraduates, promote entrepreneurial talent hunts in Nigerian polytechnics and universities, as well as encourage innovations that are commercially viable and with transformational impact.

The Scheme shall be implemented through three (3) components:

  1. Term Loan Component;
  2. Equity Investment Component;
  3. Developmental Component.

No, the Scheme is for graduates of Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics that have successfully completed their NYSC and have collected their Discharge or Exemption Certificate.
Graduates of Nigerian Polytechnics and Universities shall be eligible to participate under the Term Loan Component.

Activities covered under the Scheme shall include innovative start-ups and existing businesses owned by graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities in the following areas:

  1. Agribusiness – production, processing, storage and logistics;
  2. Information technology – application/software development, business process outsourcing, robotics, data management;
  3. Creative industry – entertainment, artwork, publishing, culinary/event management, fashion, photography, beauty/cosmetics;
  4. Science and technology – medical innovation, robotics, ticketing systems, traffic systems, renewable energy, waste management;
  5. Any other activity as may be determined by the CBN from time to time.

  1. Applicants under the Scheme shall be graduates of Nigerian Polytechnics and Universities:
  2. First degree certificate (BSc/HND/ or its equivalent);
  3. National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate;
  4. Certificate of Participation issued by Polytechnics and Universities evidencing entrepreneurship training; and
  5. Not more than 7 years post-NYSC

No payment is required for submission and processing of TIES loan application or any other CBN intervention.
No, CBN does not have any agent for its interventions including TIES. Applicants are to personally submit their loan application via the approved online portal url:

The collateral acceptable under TIES are:

  1. The applicant’s first-degree certificate
  2. NYSC discharge or exemption certificate
  3. Duly signed Global Standing Instruction (GIS) by the applicant
  4. Third party guarantee from senior civil or public servant, clergy of repute, lawyer, accountant, banker, medical doctor, etc.

*1-3 will be registered on the National Collateral Registry (NCR)

*1-4 shall be uploaded in the TIES portal

* All assets financed under the scheme will also be registered on the NCR

  1. No, applicants will not be required to submit hardcopies of original documents for either custody or sighting at any stage of the process.
  2. The Bank of Industry (BOI) is the Participating Financial Institution responsible for processing and disbursement of the loan for the pilot phase of the Scheme

No, you can only apply with Entrepreneurship Certificate issued by a University or Polytechnic entrepreneurship/ skill acquisition centre.
  1. Tier 1 – Individual projects: Loan limit of N5Million for a tenor of 5 years
  2. Tier 2 – Partnership / Company projects (with maximum 5 individual partners) : Loan limit of N25 million for a tenor of 5 years.

5% from now to February 2023 ( and 9% from March 2023).
There is a maximum of 12 months moratorium on principal and interest.
  1. First degree certificate (BSc/HND/or its equivalent);
  2. National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate;
  3. Certificate of Participation issued by polytechnics and universities evidencing entrepreneurship training;
  4. Projected Statement of Income, Statement of Affairs, and cash flow projections for start-ups and businesses with less than 3 years of operations;
  5. Business plan outlining details, financials and economic benefits of the projects.

Beneficiaries of other CBN’s interventions shall be eligible to participate under the Scheme upon full repayment of amount outstanding under the other intervention facilities earlier accessed.
Interest payment and principal repayment shall be made on monthly or quarterly basis by the obligor depending on the established cash flow cycle and in line with the approved repayment schedule.
Trading activities shall not be eligible for financing under the Scheme. Priority will be given to innovative entrepreneurial activities with high potentials for export, job creation and transformational impact.
5 years
The Scheme shall be operated for a period of 10 years (not exceeding 31st December 2031) depending on the complexity of the project.
Use of third-party company documents not belonging to the applicant is not allowed and proposed business must be in line with Object Clause.
Forgery of Profoma Invoice is highly prohibited.
Submission of Statement of Result instead of Degree Certificate, submission of forged Degree Certificate and submission of third-party Degree Certificate not belonging to the applicant is not allowed.
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