10 Keys to Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

Healthy Relationships – Man and Woman exists for a purpose and one of these purposes is relationship. No one could relate without the other. This particular vibes, healthy relationships makes existence of man to be exceptional among other living creatures.

Research have shown that every human needs the other to relates. To joyfully relates one would then have the opposite either or woman to relate with. There are keys to healthy relationships, this has dated back to ages and has not changed till date.

In the below we shall be outlining the some of the finest keys man and woman can adopt for them to have a healthy relationships. Individual that come across this piece of writing can tap from the rich values and journey on them in their relationships.


To have a healthy relationship, the persons involved should have respect for the individual personality. This helps to healthy outstanding relationship.


A relationship expert once said;

”A relationship is like two concentric circles that overlap. In a healthy relationship, parts of the two circles overlap but there’s always a part on either side of the circle that does not overlap.

”This is a metaphor for balance between independence and togetherness. It’s important to have closeness but not intrusion and space but not distance. InĀ  a healthy partnerships, couples are able to find this balance.


Trust is the bed rock upon which every good relationships exists. Trust brings about mutual freedom and comfort-ability among the pairs. Its gives rooms for openness, sense of safety and close the room for secrecy in a relationships.


Support in relationship provides the backbone for sustainability. Individual involves in relationship should have mutual support , respect, nurture individual ambitions and passions for greatness. It is always great to know your partner support and always wants you to succeed in all your endeavours and be a good version of yourself. This is very important for a healthy relationships.


This is the height of relationship. What is the essence of relationship without joy. A healthy relationships have a fair dose of fun, laughing and light-heartedness. This is also very important for a healthy relationships