Stage of development Pilot innovations are at an early stage but you have a credible plan for how it can be developed and tested in a real-world setting.
Evidence We value any relevant evidence or research findings that demonstrate why the innovation is needed, such as evidence of customer demand or interest in the innovation. We do not expect that strong evidence already exists to prove the value of the innovation, but we do need a clear rationale for why the innovation could have a greater impact or be more cost effective than existing approaches.
Potential to scale The innovation has the potential to be politically and logistically feasible at scale, or has the potential to scale commercially as evidenced by customers willingness to pay. At pilot stage there may be one or more potential pathways for scaling the innovation.
Use of funds Investment at the pilot stage is focussed on testing core assumptions around operational, social, and financial viability. This could include initial research and development, introducing an innovation to target customers, assessing user demand and willingness to pay, and documenting social outcomes and costs of spreading the innovation.