FRSC 2021 Recruitment: What Applicants Must Do Receive Mail on Email Address

FRSC 2021 Recruitment

FRSC 2021 Recruitment – Most applicants are facing frustration in the ongoing FRSC recruitment exercise.

Part of applicants’ frustration has been inability to receive mail from FRSC that would guarantee them for the screening exercise. Most of the applicants couldn’t receive messages owing to applicants irregularities as detected on their application portal.

As the FRSC recruitment exercise progresses, some applicants have been invited for screening through text or email addresses. The invitation was sent out to applicants considered for the screening phase of the recruitment nationwide at the weekend.

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However, there is lamentation¬†among applicants especially those that did not receive mail. Many theories have been suggested for the been the reason why some applicants didn’t receive mail from FRSC. Some of the reasons most applicants didn’t receive mail are below.

FRSC 2021 Recruitment – Why Didn’t I Receive Mail For Screening?

Applicants who didn’t receive mail only have themselves to blame for the miss. During application, applicants were instructed to supply active email and phone numbers. The essence of this was for applicants to receive updates from FRSC in respect to FRSC 2021 Recruitment.

FRSC 2021 Recruitment

Active email and phone numbers would have help applicants to receive updates from FRSC. Those who didn’t receive but supplied the right details aren’t to be blamed either.

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FRSC 2021 Recruitment – What To Receive Mail As FRSC Keep Sending Out

Applicants who didn’t receive mail from Federal Road Safety Commission FRSC should take steps and prevent what would make them not receive. The following could be the reason you didn’t receive mail.

. Inactive Email Address: Applicants with inactive email addresses won’t receive the mail from FRSC. Applicants who fall in this situation should quickly update their email address receive mail as the commission is still sending out mail.

. Inactive Mobile Phone Number: If applicants failed to supply active phone numbers, there is no way such would receive mail from FRSC in the ongoing recruitment.