What Fans Didn’t Notice in Reece James That Made Him Perform Extraordinary Against Manchester City

Most Chelsea Fans did not notice the extraordinary performance of England right back Reece James for Chelsea against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League final.The England right back played for Chelsea in the entire 90 minutes of action parked football in Porto on Saturday. Reece James was in superb display for his club team, Chelsea.

The defender pocketed English butterfly player Sterling and that limited what the blue side of Manchester could do on the night.

Reece James was at his best for Chelsea an inspiration he drawn from from his new hair. The player have been hearing dreadlock since coming to limelight and graduates from Chelsea Academy.

The right back bears the hair style for almost two seasons while okayed for Chelsea. However, against Manchester City in the final of the UEFA Champions League, he had visited the barber for a new cut.

The new cut was an inspiration for Reece James, that helped him to be at his best for Chelsea thought out the entire 90 minutes if keenly contested football action in Portugal.