Fan Writes Erica, Reveal Deep Embarrassing Affection in A Long Letter

BBNaija Star Girl, Erica have received an embarrassing affectionate letter from a fan. The fan penned a long affectionate letter for the Abia State born reality star.

The letter was delivered to the star on popular micro-blogging site, twitter and in less than hours, the letter have received overwhelming comments from fellow fan.

The fan tweeted from his official account @official_kenny3 and the letter start like this.

”There’s always a woman who always keeps her head up high. Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in a sky. She has stamina, beauty and courage that one would admire, even the love and happiness one inspires.

”I revere this gifted woman who uses her creativity to make an impact in the society. despite the uniqueness of her talent, she remains a trendsetter.

”A special mention to this special woman @ericanlewedim who chooses not to give up. She understands that others look up to her. A smart lady with a clear vision.

”Her hair like a beautiful wave @ericanlewedim

”Her eyes like a shining pearls @ericanlewedim

”Her lips are rosy red

”Her look is trendy

”Her oomph is exceptional

”And she walks like a diva.

The fan continued;

”You’re like a lovely apparition, sent to be a moment’s ornament, Soft words are your virtue and humor your appeal. Your beauty isn’t in your facial mole because the true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.

”You have a strong, yet generous heart and the inner beauty you emanate truly set you apart”.

The comment section of the messaged is pricked with many comments from fellow fans of the reality star girl.