Exposed: Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay

Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay

Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay – The SEIFAC Loan disbursement is long awaited months after application.

Nigerian Agriculturists entered the new year with the news of SEIFAC loan application. Nigerians were not delayed in applying for the SEIFAC Loan offer. The application was a farmer anchor borrowers’ programme.

Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay – Farmers Anchor Borrowers Programme

The farmer’s anchor borrowers programme is birthed to empower to Agriculturalists in Nigeria. A whopping sum of cash loan would be disbursed to applicants that actually merits the offer.

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Applicants who successfully applied for the SEIFAC Loan are expecting disbursement of the loan. The loan would be disbursed as soon as SEIFAC management are have finalised all aspect of the loan.

Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay – Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay

SEIFAC Loan is not yet approved but will soon be approved. The delay caused by SEIFAC could be down to one reason.

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However, on the 3rd of September, SEIFAC made a serious announcement in respect to the loan. The information was made available on their website.

The information was captured, SEIFAC to launch co-branded ATM cards, target 60,000 farmers.

The news reads;

In a bid to enhance commercial farming activities in the country and as one of the core objectives of the Federal Government, the management of small holder economic interest farmers Agricultural cooperative in partnership with it participating financial institutions, Heritage Bank is putting concluding plan to launch a co-branded atm card for smooth financial transactions. Interested persons can read details here

SEIFAC applicants could read up and see possible read SEIFAC Loan is delayed till date. However, things could change soon once the SEIFAC management finalised branding SEIFAC ATM for 60,000 applicants.

Reason SEIFAC Loan Disbursement is Delay

The 60,000 targeted farmers shows that not all applicants would benefits from the loan scheme.