EFCC Career – A Complete Guide To Apply Successfully

EFCC Career

EFCC Career – The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has a career portal for any would want to be personnel.

The EFCC career portal offers every detail of what applicants need to know before they can successfully apply and be accepted to work for the Commission.  The information on the EFCC Career is the pre-requisite need before you can worthy personnel of the Commission.

Many are longing to be part of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission as a personnel. Also many had not known that the Commission never recruits defected persons into the commission her reign began years back.

Any one willing to work of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission needs to read every detail of the EFCC Career portal. This is very important as it would help and guide people judiciously on the process.

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EFCC Career – Details of EFCC Career

On the EFCC Career, the Commission boldly stated noble information that need to be taken seriously. The information are contained below as it’s boldly displayed on the Commission’s website.


The EFCC offers equal opportunity to all prospective employees. Recruitment of new personnel into the Commission’s service is done as the need arises and could be general or specific.

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EFCC Career Background Investigation

The operations of EFCC are often, very sensitive in nature. The EFCC therefore will initiate an intensive background investigation that you must pass before you can join the Commission. This is immidately you pass our interview processand before you recive a condition offer or employment.

The investigation includes a medical examination, verification of all employment document submitted to us by you, a test for illigal drugs, redit and records checks, an extensive interviews with former and current collegues, teachers, business associates, neighbour, friends etc.

Additionally, all candidates must meet certain employment requirements in order to qualify for employment with EFCC. Before applying for any position in EFCC, please make sure that you are what you said you are.

EFCC Career

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