Eden Hazard, Abramovich Trick Three Belgian Star to Join Chelsea

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich and a former Chelsea star, Eden Hazard are working hard to bring Belgian stars to Stamford Bridge.

According to reports in Belgium, the three brothers have been scouted in Belgium recent times by Chelsea scouts. Europe heavy weight clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona, PSG and among others are also monitoring the players situation.

Reports says, Chelsea owner, Roma Abramovich has tricked the three brothers to join Chelsea with the aide Eden Hazard who was a former player of Chelsea before he joined Real Madrid to continue his playing career in the Spanish capital.

The three brothers are reported to hail from Eden Hazard hometown and hence, Chelsea employee the services of Eden Hazard to trick the young stars to Stamford Bridge.

The signing price amounts to nothing with Abramovich wealthy. Though, reports says the three brothers would job the blues academy to continue their development pending when they would have the experience to play in English top flight football.

The news will delight Chelsea Fans globally as a rich talent have just been added to their club academy. And such would be a blessing to the club after they have acclimatize with their new environment and learn the english language.

The three young star would be another sets of Belgian to ply their trade with Chelsea after the likes of Eden Hazard and his brother Thorgan Hazard, Lukaku, Mitchy Bastiayi, And a former player, Kelvin De-Bruyne.