DJ Cuppy Unveil Conditions For Her To Go Out With Man

Billionaire daughter widely known for her stage name, DJ Cuppy has got lots of her fans especially males talking over the condition she gave before man can really ask her out.

The female DJ is arguably the most popular in Nigeria, a feat she achieved due to the popularity of her billionaire father, Femi Otedola. DJ Cuppy actually came to limelight after she finished her University education and decided to become a professional female DJ in a male studded environment.

The environment never deterred her becuase she ‘s a professional at her work and does the job well wnehever she’s booked for a show. Her fame true grew as she often attend shows and she’s regarded as the daughter of Femi Otedola, an oil magnate in Nigeria.

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DJ Cuppy have always be in the News but latest tends to surprise many people. The female DJ posted on her verified Instagram account pictures of her newly acquired Pomeranian dogs which she named ‘Funfun and Dudu, a word derived from Yoruba language which means White and Black.

The female DJ pose along side the dogs on the media with a caption ‘i’ll only go out with you if my dog likes you’. The female DJ has attributed going out with a man with a condition, her two dogs which she named ‘Funfun and Dudu’must like you as a man before moving with you.

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DJ Cuppy is a music star among several in Nigeria, she has released singles with a most loved track ‘Gelato’. The gelato seems to be the single that is most loved by Nigerian as the single gave her a lot talk in the street when it was dropped about two years ago. Everywhere was gelato that year when it was dropped and many fell in love with it.

DJ Cuppy is a lover of colours, she’s totally submerged in pink colour as her favourite. And this can be seen openly as she flaunts and customized most of her cars with the colour. She also wears clothe materials that is coloured and her hair style is mostly pink colour. This totally separated her from every other persons in the music industry.

Now following the conditional revelation she gave, suitors who wouldn’t know what he should done before to get may soon start shooting shot to her. After all any guy that enters her compound should play with her dogs, and if you’re lucky enough that her dog likes you, you might be the one to date the billionaire daughter.