Direct Link To Download NASIMS Npower Biometric Software On Your Device

Reports revealed that  the Nasims Portal is slow in loading which is caused by too much traffic on the portal.

Hence, we will be providing a direct link to download the Nasims Npower biometric Software that will enable you to do the fingerprint verification with your laptop or phone.

Click Here to download the Nasims Npower biometric Software.

Npower Nasims Portal Not Opening ? See Solution Here

Note that the traffic pressure will soon calm! Alternatively, try to login early morning around 4:00am or 12 midnight when few people are on the site.

NASIMS login issues ?

Ensure you have followed the steps on how to update your NASIMS portal before taking your test. CLICK HERE and follow the instructions

 Unable to Validate BVN ?

  • Ensure that your date of birth supplied corresponds with DOB in your BVN /bank. Any discrepancies will lead to BVN validation failed
  • Ensure you have a fast mobile network: This could be network issues please try again.

 Unable to update your Profile ?

  • Check your Network: This could be network issues, applicants should try again after several hours
  • Ensure the documents you want to upload are not more than 200kb. If more than, resize and upload again.
  • Click here to learn how to update your profile.

I try to Reset my password but didn’t get the reset password email

  1. Applicants should wait for a few hours and try again
  2. Please not that you are expected to send the reset password request just once and wait for the mail. If applicants requests for reset link multiple times, applicants should use most recent link
  3. Applicants should ensure to check SPAM FOLDER , if link is not received after several hours.

Account Block when trying to take test

  • Applicants are allowed for a maximum of 3 times attempts to take the online test after which test account will be locked
  • After initial 3 attempts, applicants are permitted one final attempt after 6 hours
  • Then Click Here to take your test