Deliverance Gone Wrong, Pastor Spotted Conducting Strange Deliverance on 3 Ladies in A Shallow Stream

A Pastor have been filmed conducting strange Deliverance in a shallow stream for three ladies to get suitors.

The exact location where the strange Deliverance was carried out could not be ascertained. The video making rounds on social media shows the moment the Pastor begin the strange Deliverance.

As filmed and seen, the Pastor has taken three matured ladies to the shallow stream for Deliverance in a shallow stream within a bush in a nearby compound.

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The three ladies appeared before the Pastor without clothes, they could be seen completely unclad on the shores of the shallow stream.

The woman Pastor could be seen wearing white garment for the assignment while the ladies were completely unclad as bath for a complete Deliverance.

What could have brought the ladies to that level no one could suggests. In the comment section one said perhaps they are looking for suitors which have eluded them so far.