Court Gives Man Timetable, Decide When To Pleasure Wife

Husband Scarcity

A man has found himself in marital quagmire after a sitting court prepared timetable and decides when he should pleasure his wife.

A sitting judge in a Zambian Court have the judgement to a polygamous man Mr David Mwanba who has two wives. The court ruling could end the constant marital rift between Me David Mwanba, his first wife and the second wife.

The first wife, Charity Mundia filed a Complaint at a local magistrate court in Zambia. Charity alleged that her husband spend much time with the second wife, leaving her in cold on her bed and suffers her from marital pleasure.


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The first wife, Charity Mundia complained that since she did not object the choice of her husband to having second wife, that should not be to the detriment of her husband marital pleasure with her.

However, on ruling on the case, the Magistrate Midred Namwiyze ruled that Mr David Mwanba should spend three days with his first wife and two days with his second wife, and use the remaining two days to replenish his energy for the following week action.